Press Notices

"Both works by Na are lovely as well as interesting, rewarding as well as challenging."

“Song of the Beggars was rich and urgent ”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Then came the great revelation of the festival: two coruscating works by Hyo-shin Na. …an  elegant yet unnerving meditation for piano.”
 The Wire

“Hyo-shin Na's 1998 work Song of the Beggars is based on a Korean folk song, and with extraordinary elaborations translates traditional musical expression utterly outside western traditions into quartet form.”
Jess Anderson, Madison Music Review 

“A wonderful set of variations by Hyo-shin Na.”
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

“Na’s works revealed an exquisite sensibility to time, tone color, space, and line… rich with a sense of dialogue… the extraordinary sense of pacing brought Na’s works to a more exalted level.”
 San Francisco Classical Voice

“…the quiescent, intriguing Blue Yellow River… sensitive interplay between eastern and western traditions.”
 21st Century Music

"Song of the Beggars might be called organized chaos, but it must certainly also be called beautiful and effective."
The Ottawa Citizen