Wooden Fish Ensemble

The Wooden Fish Ensemble presents concerts of music and musicians from a variety of cultural and national backgrounds working together in a collaborative way.

The Ensemble has presented concerts of traditional music from Asia and new music by a diverse group of composers that includes John Cage, Christian Wolff, Frederic Rzewski, Morton Feldman, Hyo-shin Na and Walter Zimmermann. They have given numerous world premieres.

- Upcoming Concert

February 9, 2014 @ Old First Concerts in San Francisco
Old and New Music from the US and Asia
with the generous support of the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music
and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

- including three world premieres - of music by Hyo-shin Na (b. 1959), 3 San Francisco premieres, 4 newly made instrumental versions of Japanese and Korean folk songs, Chinese traditional music, chamber music by Christian Wolff (b. 1934) , and piano music by Frederic Rzewski (b. 1939) at Old First Concerts in San Francisco.

- Selected List of Concerts, Lectures and Residencies Hyo-shin Na/Wooden Fish Ensemble -

2003 65th Birthday Concert of the Japanese composer Yuji Takahashi,
San Francisco
2004 Lecture/Concert: Music for koto and piano, Santa Clara University 2008 3 Concerts of Music for Western instruments and piri (Korean bamboo oboe), Stanford University, University of California at Santa Cruz, Old First Concerts in San Francisco
2008 Lectures and Concert of Hyo-shin Na's Music for Kayageum and piano at Texas A&M University - Hyo-shin Na with kayageum ensemble Sagye and pianist Thomas Schultz
2010 Lecture and 3 Concerts of Hyo-shin Na's Music for Kayageum at Haverford College, Philadelphia - Hyo-shin Na and the Kyungki Kayageum Ensemble
2010 Portrait Concert and Lecture: Music of Hyo-shin Na, San Francisco
2010 Concert of Music for koto Ensemble, Santa Clara University
2011 80th Birthday Concert of the Korean Composer Young-ja Lee, San Francisco
2012 2 Portrait Concerts: Music of Hyo-shin Na, San Francisco and Santa Cruz - presented by New Music Works (Wooden Fish Ensemble participated as guest artists.)
2012 John Cage Festival, Stanford University
2012 Concerts and Lectures: Hyo-shin Na's Music for Koto and Kayageum, Berkeley, San Francisco
2013 2 Concerts of Music by Composers of the Pacific Rim for piri, kayageum, koto, and piano, San Francisco, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz performance presented by New Music Works

2014 Old and New Music from the US and Asia

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